+ When will the Allergy Amulet be available for purchase?

We plan to launch pre-sales in Winter 2019, with first products shipping out in Fall 2020. Sign up for our newsletter and blog to stay current on product release dates.

+ How much with the Allergy Amulet cost?

The reader will cost between $150 - $250, depending on the configuration. We plan to offer a premium jewelry line and basic versions of both wearable and non-wearable options. Disposable test strips will cost $3 each.

+ What allergens will you test for?

We plan to offer tests for the top eight most common food allergens (peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, wheat, eggs, milk, and soy) + gluten and sesame. Initially, we will launch disposable test strips for one to two allergenic ingredients.

+ How long will it take to run a test?

Our current data is showing a positive or negative test result in approximately one minute.

+ How sensitive is the technology?

Our target threshold is in the low part-per-million range, which is based on academic literature on our target allergenic ingredients, food challenge data, and research from members of our scientific and medical advisory board. We are currently detecting our allergenic tracer in the low part-per-million range.

+ How do you prevent food from making contact with the device?

Inside the single-use disposable, one side of the sensor chip makes contact with the food sampled. The clean slide of the sensor chip slides out and gets inserted into the reader. The two sides of the sensor chip "talk" to one another, so to speak. So no, there will not be food residue in your reader!

+ Will I need Wi-Fi or a smartphone for the Amulet to work?

The Amulet reader will NOT require Wi-Fi or a smartphone to run a test. If users wish to connect the device to our app, we plan to offer the ability to track and upload tests, connect with other food-allergic individuals, and store and share important information such as emergency contacts.

+ Does the device test the entire dish?

We have designed the Allergy Amulet to capture a representative sample of the food. The test will only identify the presence or absence of an allergenic ingredient in the collected sample. Our device is intended to serve as a supplement, not a substitute, to the standard precautionary measures food-allergic individuals would otherwise take when dining out or eating foods prepared by others (e.g., alerting waitstaff, having emergency medicines at the ready, etc.).