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Peanuts. Tree Nuts. Shellfish. I recite these three words to waitstaff taking my order every time I dine out. It's been a mantra of mine ever since I was a kid - although the list was longer back then. I do this because ingesting any one of these foods could send me straight to the ER. 

Growing up I was allergic to dozens of foods. Birthday parties were hard and holidays even harder. While at summer camp I ate half of a tree nut cookie - from what I believed to be a nut-free cafeteria - and experienced a near-fatal anaphylactic event. 

When the food that sustains you can also kill you, eating can be less an enjoyable experience and more an anxiety-inducing struggle. This is particularly true when dining out. Despite the best of intentions, waitstaff are bound to make mistakes, and avoiding foods with certain allergens or ingredients is all too often a game of Russian roulette. 

From my experiences living with food allergies, I identified the need for a fast and portable food allergen and ingredient detection device so that individuals like myself could feel safer about the foods they eat. I then met a leading expert in sensor technologies, Dr. Joseph BelBruno - a chemistry professor at Dartmouth College. He too has food allergies, and had the science background to help make this a reality. We want to create a paradigm shift in food allergen and ingredient detection to help the millions of individuals with special dietary needs feel safer about the foods they eat.

This device is for the little girl that was assured the cupcake was safe, but she left it sitting on her plate. Because hunnie, you deserve to eat cake. 


Abigail Barnes
Co-Founder & CEO