Food Allergies


Food allergies affect


the struggle is real

A Growing Epidemic

Food allergies are a rapidly growing epidemic with no cure in sight. Even trace amounts of a food allergen can be fatal.

  • 42% of families reported their child having a severe allergic reaction to their food allergen.

  • Less than half of parents reported having a prescription for an epinephrine auto-injector for their child.

  • Adults ages 30-39 have higher food allergy rates than younger adults.

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Americans have a food allergy.

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Foods account for 90% of all allergic reactions.

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Annual economic cost of childhood food allergies.
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Every three minutes a food allergy sends someone to the ER.
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Adults that reported at least one food allergy-related ER visit in their lifetime.

Source: Childhood Food Allergy Prevalence in the U.S., Dr. Ruchi Gupta, Pediatrics, December 2018 & Adult Food Allergy Prevalence in the U.S., Dr. Ruchi Gupta, JAMA, January 2019